Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Renovation Begins ...

One day last spring I made a trip down to Portland, Oregon to look at a little 10' 1956 Bellwood trailer in hopes of renovating it. We arrived to view the Bellwood and found it to be ... well ... disgusting. It was trashed and reeked of urine. Oh ... the joys of vintage trailer hunting...:-)

Well ... as they say ... for every closed door a window opens. As we navigated back to the freeway I took a wrong turn somewhere. This is a very humiliating experience for a pilot who prides themselves on sense of direction - (at least in the air). As I'm about to turn down a road that hopefully will lead me home ... I look in the distance and see what would become a 9-month labor of love. I slammed on the brakes - turned around and headed for the blue lightning bolt trailer that demanded to be seen.

I drove in the owner's driveway, looked at the trailer for a moment, and KNEW it was going to be mine. I knocked on the door and spoke with the babysitter who took my name and number and told me she'd give the owner the message I was interested. As we drove the 2 hour trip back home my head swirled with ideas of what I could do with this gem.

Well ... by the time we got home the owner had left a message on the phone and, indeed ... yes ... he was interested in selling it! So ... I will no longer complain about those stinky old urnine and God knows what else - smelly trailers I go view ... because that poor little Bellwoood led me to my passion - the Aloha.

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